24 April 2014


I’ve declared my passion for Zara before on here before. Their style and price point are a winning combination for me. Add to that fresh, modern and clean styling and photography and I’m sold.

Recently I came across their Brothers And Sisters campaign online which even comes with it’s own hashtag – no points for guessing what it is – #brothersandsisters, duh. I recognised the little girl in one of the shots and bingo, it turns out it is Joy Cho’s daughter from famous LA blog OhJoy, shot by her mum in Zara attire for the Brothers And Sisters campaign.

What a neat idea! And oh so clever marketing. Bloggers can associate themselves with a hip brand and get referrals from the Zara site and Zara gets kudos through their selected bloggers. Everyone’s a winner!

I might sound slightly cynical but actually I love all the shots as they feel authentic and less styled and staged than a normal photoshoot.

My favourite ones are by Swedish blogger Sofia and her four children. Four children!? How the heck does she find time to blog? She’s clearly not human and if you’d like to read more about her super human efforts hop over to Mokkasin, oh, and switch the translator on if you’re not Swedish.

Zara just can’t do wrong this season. Simple, clever, stylish. Zara, feel free to call me!










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MORE INFORMATION | Zara Brothers And Sisters
PHOTOGRAPHY | Mokkasin | OhJoy | PinkSugarLand
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22 April 2014

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Hello, how is everyone?! I’m back from a wonderfully relaxing week at my mum’s and feel like I’ve been off the grid for a month as the only access to the world wide web was via a dodgy old PC.

I thought I’d be all fidgety and getting internet cold turkey, wanting to check emails, pin and share the beautiful countryside I was surrounded by but in the end I really didn’t miss it at all and feel great after having such a long break from the screen. I highly recommend it!

The positive side effect of a break from the world wide noise is that I my brain feels refreshed and I’m newly inspired. So let’s kick off the new week with Swedish stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg’s home.

What a cool Mama! I love the fact she’s all kick-ass power-dressed surrounded by adorable children and leaving hubby to hold the baby. I wonder if that’s a reflection of their set up at home or if it’s just a little tongue-in-cheek. Either way… Go Girl!

In many ways her home is typical Scandinavian with white floors and walls in a period apartment but being such a great stylist she cleverly combines old and new furniture and lighting with quirky art and objects to give an inspiring look. I love the fact that she chose a grey-ish mint as an accent colour for her kitchen cabinets and I wonder if she’s already changed to a different colour by the time you’re reading this.

The kids bed- and playroom are super fun with a great big chalkboard and clever under-bed storage units for those fiddly Lego bits. Suits the kids and pleases mum’s aesthetic. Score!

In case you’re wondering my favourite photographer of the moment, Petra Bindel, took these wonderful photos. She also shot the story for Susanna Vento’s home and Muuto, all previously featured on Stylejuicer. Enjoy!










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PHOTOGRAPHY | Petra Bindel
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20 April 2014

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Happy Easter everyone! Have you OD’d on chocolate yet? Are you peeling your children off the wall and scrubbing the sofa like mad to get those lovely brown finger prints off? And not for the first time telling yourself ‘shouldn’t have gone for the cream covers’ whilst your other half is peacefully nodding off after a bottle of crisp dry white. Aw… isn’t Easter bliss!?

Ok, intense family time is always tricky but seriously Easter is one of my favourite holidays. Not just because I’m a chocoholic and I can openly indulge in my favourite food group (yes, it’s a food group for me!) but mainly because unlike Christmas, Easter is still – thankfully – so much less commercial and people actually seem to get that it’s more about getting together with family and friends than spending money on presents.

So, enjoy the Easter spirit and this little inspirational mood board and I do sincerely hope you’re having a nice time with your loved ones. See you back here next week.
F L O W E R S / / Gorgeous fresh flowers via Nina Holst from Stylizimo.
B U N S / / Hot Cross Buns somehow they always taste best at Easter. Try Jamie’s recipe.
E G G S / / For the OCD sufferer: Ombré dyed eggs in blue. Gorge!
B A L L O O N S / / Carrott Balloons via DIY blog Jacks & Kate. How cute is that lil’ girl!?
C H O C O L A T E / / This will be me after the egg hunt. Mine… all mine. Hahaha *evil laugh*
E N T E R T A I N I N G / / Loving this simple Easter table arrangement with branches and wooden eggs by German DIYer Anja from Knobz.
CREDITS | I’d like to give credit to all the photographers and designers whose work is featured on this board. Sadly, most of the originators can’t be identified anymore so if you recognise your work here please email me and I’ll happily credit you and add your link.
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17 April 2014


This beautiful weekend getaway on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria belongs to interior designer and founder of inspiration blog Share Design Shareen Joel and her family of four. I’m rather envious of her little gem as in my opinion it has all the components that a home-from-home should have: set in a great (coastal) location with a sociable layout and a simple, casual and relaxed interior.

Cleverly integrated into the coastal landscape the house with it’s L-shaped floor plan is easy to live in centering around a sheltered decked terrace and an old Moonah tree. The natural light flooding in from those gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows helps with the flow of the semi open-plan space where the living and kitchen/dining areas are partitioned off with a (kitchen) storage unit and integrated wood burner. A sign that even in Victoria it does get chilly which for some reason I find hard to fathom.

What I love most about the house is the black timber cladding and contrasting natural timber window frames and doors. On entering the space is almost completely white with Larch floorboards and a mix of vintage and design pieces. Accent colours are kept to a minimum and only provided through crockery and soft furnishings. The overall feel is very clean and minimalist with natural textures like wood and worn leather chairs taking the lead.

I wish there were more shots of the outside of the house and the surrounding landscape as I’m sure the coastline must be beautiful and I read that Shareen’s husband and son are sailing nuts. Maybe the outside shower with the old fashioned zinc tub is for them to rinse off after a tough ride on the ocean waves!?









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VIA | Share Design
MORE INFORMATION | Shareen Joel Design
STYLING | Marsha Golemac
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15 April 2014


I’ve long been a fan of Danish home decor & accessories company ferm Living and have an unexplained affinity with founder and owner Trine Andersen. Read my previous post here.

Maybe because she’s a graphic designer like me or maybe because she takes everyday life as inspiration for her products or maybe it’s just all clever marketing and I shouldn’t be so bloomin’ naive as the cowboy would tell me. But still… I can’t help but being drawn to ferm’s Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm and their distinctive graphic edge.

Now, since we’re about to embark on copious amounts of chocolate bunnies and eggs I’d like to share ferm Living’s playful take on Easter with you today. I love the way they’ve styled the photos and incorporated some old school egg painting. I bet that was a fun shoot taking the models back to their childhoods.

You can see more in their online magazine and shop the collection on their website.





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